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July 11-14, 2024 Martha’s Vineyard

August 8-11, 2024 Martha’s Vineyard

October 13-19, 2024 Orvieto, Italy

October 20-26, 2024 Writer’s Retreat, Orvieto, Italy

Cultivate Your Writing Practice

“Finding the songs, poems, language that make us brave enough to live in this world.” —Gregory Orr

Do you dream of writing?  Do you have stories, poems or novels you need to get out but can’t?  Do you long for creative inspiration, fulfillment, abundance?  Are you looking for a supportive writing community?  Would you like to be published?

Well, you can!  The secret to achieving your creative dream, and one that all successful writers and writers know is this:  act.  Everything flows from the decision to act intentionally, and consistently in the direction of our dreams.  When we take action the Universe moves to assist us in achieving what we desire. 

Writing what is inside us can be scary.  Devotion to Writing can help you overcome the fears, and doubts so you break the silence of the page.  You may never have felt supported in your writing.  You may doubt your ability to write.   You may not believe you have anything to say.   But you do.  And Devotion to Writing will support you as you cultivate a writing practice.

In my career as a writer, teacher and artist, I’ve helped hundreds of people move through their creative blocks and bring forth the images and ideas trapped inside them.  Writing, like anything, is a practice.  Let Devotion to Writing help you cultivate a practice that will sustain you as a writer. 

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” –Annie Dilliard

Devotion to Writing helps you: 

  • Cultivate and sustain a writing life grounded in daily practice. 
  • Go deeper in your creative work, and “love your little corner of the world.” 
  • Develop and improve your writing skills.
  • Realize the creative process IS everything.
  • Derive joy and fulfillment from writing and from the work you create.  
  • Find a writing community.
  • Develop confidence in your creative ability, intelligence, and talent.
"I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your class. You led me on the way to reclaiming my creativity and my voice. Thank you for the inspiration!"
Mary S.

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