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Devotion to Writing Workshops
Writing as a Spiritual Path

Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts
July 11-14 & August 8-11

We are all creative. Yet, something happens over a lifetime and many of us cut off our creative expression. We were told it wasn’t practical to draw, we couldn’t make money writing, we weren’t a good enough to be a singer. 

Creativity isn’t a commodity. It isn’t something we can choose to live without. It is vital to our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Stifled creativity leads to anger, resentment, even illness. We must learn to live again with the inner excitement and energy we naturally possess.

Devotion to Writing workshops help you reconnect with what is in you desiring to be expressed. Writing is used as a tool to commune with Mystery, the Divinity, the fire of your own soul. Call this mystery, the creative force whatever you want. You’ll connect to the love of making you’ve always felt inside.

This is not a religious component to Devotion to Writing workshops. All workshops are non-denominational. Bring whatever belief or non-belief you carry. The point is to touch the creative source within each of us for deeper connection and abundant creativity.

You don’t need any writing experience to participate. If you are a writer, the workshop will generate new material, deepen your practice, and help you explore the rich spiritual/creative connection which contributes to sense of joy, peace and abundance in life.  

We will meet daily from 10-1 at Stillpoint.      Cost: $500

Moveable Feast Writing Retreat, Tuscany, Italy Oct 20-27

Sometimes we just need to get away and have time and space to commune with our creative work. I know I need this. That’s why I’m curating this retreat in the Italian countryside. Here’s an opportunity to nurture and feed your creativity. Learn more here. 

What’s expected: Nothing. You get 6 days to relax, write, walk, nap, eat local food, and visit nearby towns. In other words, you can do whatever you inspires your writing. 

Each evening we’ll have a dinner prepared with local foods. This is an opportunity to gather with other retreaters. 

This is to be a casual, creative week. 

What’s included: 6 dinners, private room in Italian villa, transfer to/from local train station. 

Not included: airfare, transportation to local train station, breakfast and lunch, excursions. Apartments have kitchens for preparing breakfast and lunch. 

October 19-26. Cost: $1599.00

Devotion to Writing Workshop
Writing as Spiritual Path
Orvieto, Italy


Cultivate a writing practice with a small group of writers in this creative workshop in the historic Umbrian hill town of Orvieto. This is a magical little village atop a tufa escarpment. It makes for an inspiring and enchanting place to write and to experience what life is like in one of Italy’s famous fortress cities.   

October 13-20, 2024. 

5 workshops, welcome wine reception, 6 night at Hotel Duomo in center of Orvieto, private room, breakfast. Cost: $1799.00

Boulderwood Bed and Breakfast. This beautiful old farmhouse just outside Stockbridge, run by healer, chef and Devotion to Writing alum, Carole Murko. It is surrounded by miles of hiking trails and just minutes from the Southern Berkshires charming towns.  

Devotion to Writing at Boulderwood, Stockbridge, Massachusetts.           June 13-16

This 4 day mini Devotion to Writing workshop and retreat will take place at beautiful Boulderwood Bed and Breakfast in the Berkshire Mountains. Just a short drive from New York, Boston and other New England cities, makes for an easy long weekend getaway to feed your writing. 

3 nights accommodation and all meals included. We will arrive at 3pm on  Thursday and begin our workshopping once everyone has settled in. There will be a welcome dinner served. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we will workshop from 10-1pm. The work here is to break the silence of the page, and free our creativity. In addition to writing tips and discussions about craft, the workshop  employs in class prompts to get our creative juices flowing. You will leave this weekend with plenty of material to work on at home.