Moveable Feast


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Moveable Feast 

The Vision 

We understand that beyond having time and space to work, many writers are derailed by a lack of solidarity. A community that advocates (and, on a more basic but crucial level, understands) creativity—how it happens, what it requires, who seeks to cultivate it more as calling than hobby—is essential. Each individual must ascertain and walk their unique path, but what all writers share is the need for support, in all its forms, and reassurance they’re not alone. 

The practical goal of this consortium is providing an authentic space enabling writers to thrive and connect. The longer-term mission is initiating a micro community via the residencies/retreats/workshops, as well as a macro community wherein, via social media, a vibrant website, and regular events, artists can connect, network, and above all, nurture one another. In addition, the Moveable Feast will be a sponsored venue that curates readings, author talks, and other artistic events. We will encourage and, where possible, partner with local businesses to promote the appreciation of fine food, drink, entertainment and culture. 

The core market for Moveable Feast is the type of person who appreciates the arts and is interested in the sort of community commonly found only in academia or online book clubs. 1455 will be both refuge and incubator for personal creation, collaboration and kinship; this growing alliance will become an inexorable network of alumni, facilitators, and partners, which   will help drive enthusiasm and revenue, as well as preserve an entirely positive kinship that would otherwise be unobtainable. 

Each partner in this consortium brings substantial experience leading workshops, understanding (and existing within) the broader literary industry, and their own networks of writers, readers, agents, editors, etc. More, the various organizations have all specialized in creating and sustaining communities via their existing programs. 

In terms of resources, this can live under the 1455 banner, and 1455 can create the bulk of promotion and PR materials; this info can be shared across the consortium and each organization can add their own messaging and materials. Having one central location (I envision a tab on the existing 1455 website “Moveable Feast”) that then links to the other orgs’ sites should be a win/win in terms of exposure. As we add more partners, we’ll easily be able to accommodate and update, accordingly. Once we have the page set up, we can use this to recruit not only future residents, but potential partners, sponsors, and donors. 

The potential for growth via synergy with other organizations and locales is virtually endless. Established centers in need of bodies/revenue will benefit from the community, resources, and organization (plus credibility) the Moveable Feast consortium brings; in return, we will have additional venues to utilize, ensuring that this endeavor is as inclusive and diverse as possible, while serving as many writers as we’re able. 

A key to the success of this is experience.  Moveable feast should provide a unique experience for writers which can’t be replicated elsewhere.  The experience of community built around creativity, meals, drink, conversation, nurturing, inspiring environments, and culture all form a part of the Moveable Feast.  Also, a spirit of generosity and equality, often in short supply within academic conferences and events, should be fostered.   

The Consortium Partners (Spring 2021) 

Sean Murphy, Founder and Executive Director of 1455: in addition to growing his non-profit from idea to executing dozens of free programs, including Movable Type, a bi-monthly publication, a monthly Author Series, and annual Summer Festival that reaches a global audience. Sean previously served as writer-in-residence at the Noepe Center at Martha’s Vineyard, where he helped manage the writer residencies and design programming. 

Justen Ahren is the founder of Devotion to Writing. In 2007, he started Noepe Martha’s Vineyard Center for Literary Arts and served as its Executive Director for more than a decade, establishing it as one of the most popular and beloved writing retreats in the country.  Devotion to Writing combines workshops, videos and recorded conversations to help writers cultivate and sustain their writing practice.   

Jeanne McCulloch and Rex Weiner have run the Todos Santos Writers since 2014 (MORE)